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Completely safe sunscreen with natural UV filter that comes from raspberry seed oil and zinc oxide. Their filtering effect supplement each other giving us an opportunity for safe sunbathing. Estimated strength of this product is 35-45 SPF. The exact number is only possible to get if tested in laboratory. Always remember to re-apply every 60 mins, and every time after getting wet.
Benefits of our sunscreen:
This cream not only protects your skin against UV rays, but also cares for your skin, thanks to highly moisturizing and nursing oils and butters we used in this product. Also, we used Vitamin E that additionally protects from photoaging. Our cream evens out skin color and protects skin against salt water, wind and sand. Lavender essential oil in addition to its beautiful scent, skin nourishing benefits, it also keeps all the bugs away which is additional perk of this wonderful product.

Size: 90 ml / 3 oz

Ingredients: shea butter, almond oil, raspberry seed oil, lanolin, zinc oxide, vitamin E, lavender essential oil.

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