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The best easter basket stuffer - Bunny and Eggs shaped colorful bath bombs for kids, made with only natural ingredients. Egg bath bombs are perfect size for Easter Egg filler for egg hunting. Thanks to its rich ingredients our bath bombs leave your skin smooth and moisturized. They are perfect addition to kids fun bath time. Our bombs are loaded with high quality ingredients: kaolin clay, argan oil, cocoa butter. After the bath the skin will be left so nourished and smooth you can skip moisturizer.

All bombs are hand pressed, hand painted and individually wrapped.

Net weight of each bomb is approx: 2.2 OZ

PINK - Honey I washed the kids scent
YELLOW oatmeal milk and honey scent
GREEN - cucumber melon scent
BLUE - blueberry scent

How to use it?

Simply, toss bath bomb of your choice into a bath tub filled with water and enjoy the nourishing oils, and heavenly smell.

It might cause the bathtub to become slippery, be careful when entering and exiting the tub.

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in