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Our After Bite Gel can be described in two words - it works!
I has very pleasant consistency - all anti - sticky skin fans will like this gel. It won't get your clothes dirty and it has all natural herbal scent.
- it relieves pain and will protect you from scratching
- reduces red blisters and speeds up skin regeneration
- cools off even in hot weather
Lavender essential oil - moisturizes, soothes irritated skin. it reduces pain and itchiness caused by bugs bite.
Peppermint essential oil - it has great cooling properties, and it regenerates the skin, it has anti - inflammatory properties in addition to pain reducing and had antipruritic effect.
Copaiba essential oil - it has anti-inflammatory effect and reduces pain. it relives skin irritation, moisturizes and soots skin.
D- panthenol (provitamin b5) has soothing, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect.

SIZE: 50 ml

INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, copaiba essential oil, penthanol.

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