Have you ever used a solid bar hair conditioner? These types of products are fairly new and promising. Compact conditioner bars contain numerous ingredients such as oils, oils, and plant extracts that can provide beautiful and manageable hair.
Solid bar hair conditioners are a completely new category of cosmetics that are worth getting to know. Hair conditioner bars are one of the products based on the “waterless” trend. It is a very interesting and economical solution because they are used much longer than liquid versions of hair conditioners. These types of products are rich in moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, cocoa butter, shea butter, various types of oils. Solid bar products contain more ingredients than traditional conditioners, however thanks to its compressed form, we do not apply more product than traditional conditioners.

How to use conditioning bars?

1. Rub the bar between your wet hands to create a lather or rub it directly onto previously washed hair. Couple of strokes across wet hair will get the foam going. Do this gently so as not to open the hair scales.
2. Take a moment to massage your hair and rinse off the conditioner.
Conditioner bars, just like shampoos, are worth protecting against water and keeping them on the dry surface without access to water.

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